Padberg & Partners joins Interlink Branding

Padberg & Partners joins Interlink Branding

Touch your target group with your brand.

The relationships people have with brands are similar to those that they form with other people. They may flirt or may not relate at all, they may breeze through fleeting affairs or form long, trusting relationships. Only a business that understands and actively shapes these relationships can inspire people and create long-term bonds.


About Us


We are an agency for Lively Branding™. From technologists to business strategists and experience designers, we connect brands with their stakeholders on a sustained basis in a rapidly changing world.



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Dare to be different

You will be noticed, remembered and talked about.
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Seek out change

Being and doing the same makes it impossible to innovate.
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Be inspired

Listen to others with empathy and discover your environment with all senses.

Get together

Creativity comes in the form of a spark. It takes the right people to start the fire.


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